Sorry about my inactivity!

okay so i haven’t been really motivated to be on here! i have been active on my instagram though. i went into to game to take pictures but my game crashed and i’m to tired to get back in it. i don’t i might leave tumblr i really don’t feel that vibe anymore when i get on here. I have been making updates on Cassandra’s twitter go follow her! that’s all. (i know no one is going to read this but just letting you guys know but you won’t probably won’t notice this post.)

Game Help!

Okay so my game is stuck on the black on the black screen when i load! when i try to uninstall sims3packs it never loads! i have merged my package files so i only have like 10 packages so i don’t think it’s the packages! help please? i really want to get it fixed soon! i start school in a week!