Im taking conversion requests! either message me or reblog this post with the link to what you want me to convert!

Converted this for inklesspixels and i got permission from the creator to release it :)

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Conversion test shots for simlychic <3

Thank you so much for testing! 

here’s a side-view of the bouncer i edited the mesh a little bit which is another reason why i don’t want to release it to the public………

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Converted a few more objects i might release them but i need to get the original creators permission :) would any of you like them? And would anyone want to test the pillow and bouncer?

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Goodbye Sarah.

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I willllll ❤️

Sure! just send me a message and i’ll send you the link ❤️

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Yay i converted my first object! anyone want to test it?

Birth Annocement



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